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More and more 'Third Wave' coffee consumers are looking for direct trade, high-quality single-origin coffees.

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The best of these coffees are grown by amazing farmers working at high elevations using careful and sustainable growing practices.


We return a fixed percentage of posted retail prices to our farmers. This way, consumers know how much of their coffee money is going back to these amazing farmers. 

A Careful Look at the TOMS Coffee ModelCoffee communities might actually be better off if we simply pay farmers appropriately, and then allow them to procure clean water for themselves.

Specialty Coffee Retail Price Index 2014 Q4 Report Released; up 2.2%Developed by Social Enterprise @ Goizueta researchers, SCRPI tracks the current retail prices charged by a representative group of “blue chip” North American specialty coffee roasters. 

Analyzing Fair Trade Proof DataAs we continue to think about transparency in Fair Trade and Direct Trade coffee relationships, it is important to point to another interesting source of information about the prices paid to coffee growers. Fair Trade Proof is “a cooperative of independent roasters committed to Fair Trade as a long-term partnership between farmers and roasters”

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