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More and more 'Third Wave' coffee consumers are looking for direct trade, high-quality single-origin coffees.

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The best of these coffees are grown by amazing farmers working at high elevations using careful and sustainable growing practices.


We return a fixed percentage of posted retail prices to our farmers. This way, consumers know how much of their coffee money is going back to these amazing farmers. 

Farmers to 40 Featured on new Transparent Trade Coffee Website: Experience has taught us one thing about the specialty coffee market- transparency is essential. The site serves as a forum for consumers and roasters to share critical information about the economic treatment of coffee growers within specialty coffee markets.  Los Pinos is one of several transparently-traded coffees now featured on the site.

A Closer Look at Bird Rock CoffeeWe have been analyzing – wherever possible – information about the shares of posted retail coffee prices that make it back to the farmers who grow the beans.  Take a closer look at Bird Rock Coffee Roasters and find out how they stacked up. 

Transparency and the Coffee Supply Chain: Anyone following Farmers to 40 Updates should read the 2013 Roast Magazine article titled The Long Pipe: Transparency and the Coffee Supply Chain. This story lays out a number of transparency pros and cons, as articulated by several specialty coffee roasters.

A Careful Look at the TOMS Coffee ModelCoffee communities might actually be better off if we simply pay farmers appropriately, and then allow them to procure clean water for themselves. 

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